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Parsaver ParGrips - Multicord - 3 Textured Surfaces Anti-Slip for all weather performance - NEW!!!

  • $ 39.95

  • 8 Players Multi-Grip Golf Grips - 3 surface textures - Soft Rubber, Full Cord, and Partial Cord
  • Grips get tackier during hot weather while the multi cord design provide grip during inclement weather.
  • Modern Multi-Cord Design Golf Grips that were designed to handle all types of elements out on the golf course. Ideal for Men and Women Golfers of all levels.
  • Players PARGRIPS are light weight - 47g - Note: Standard grips weigh 50g - 54g. (Note: 3g = 1 swing weight adjustment)
  • 58R Diameter Golf Grips - used commonly among golf professionals.

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