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2. ParGear Slim Magnetic Wrap Cover for Rangefinder - Mag Caddie ™ (Black) NEW!!!

  • $ 21.87

Mag Caddie ™ Collection

Designed for all golfers and caddies, The Players Mag-Wrap can magnetically attach onto any and all metal surfaces for quick rangefinder access during play.  That includes golf carts, golf clubs and our Players Mag Caddie belt clip.  Only the highest quality of materials such as Industrial Neodymium Magnets and Heavy Duty Commercial Velcro are used.

Our Universal slim Mag-Wraps fit most if not all leading range finder models.  Models manufactured from key manufacturers such as Garmin, Callaway, TecTecTec, Bushnell, Leupold, Nikon, NX, and GoGoGo.)


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