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Uverse Multi-tool Bottle Opener - Clubhouse

  • $ 6.95

Stainless Steel Corkscrew is the latest generation in kitchenware and bar & restaurant supplies. Not only does it make short work of the complicated and intimidating task of opening a bottle of wine, but it also does so with the same elegance and class that wine itself commands.

  • DOUBLE-HINGED FULCRUM provides extra leverage and smoother pulling of even the longest corks. The two pieces of hinge make opening wine twice as easy by allowing for a nice, 2-part removal that offers a significant mechanical advantage over old style single-hinge devices.
  • LONG, ROUNDED AND SERRATED FOIL CUTTER makes foil removal quick and cut the need to purchase another gadget. It is also specially designed to reduce the risk of slippage and minimize any tearing of the foil or plastic. NOTE - IF THE FOIL KNIFE IS DIFFICULT TO OPEN, SIMPLY APPLY A LITTLE BIT OF OIL AT THE KNIFE'S HINGES TO LOOSE IT UP.


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